Positive Change can happen on many levels, in many areas of our lives. Because I understand how our environment impacts us and lends itself to personal well-being, I, along with my long-time, brilliant, and talented ally, Jodi Fuchs, also offer clutter clearing, space clearing, Feng Shui and “space-lifts” to effect positive and lasting changes.

On-site offerings include: 
CLUTTER CLEARING: getting rid of unwanted, unused items.
SPACE CLEARING: removing old energy and creating flow following clutter clearing.
FENG SHUI: Chinese system of utilizing areas of your home to enhance your life.
SPACE-LIFTS: simple enhancements to make your home happier and healthier.  

What is clutter? 1. Things you do not use or love, 2. Things that are untidy or disorganized, 3. Too many things in too small a space, 4. Anything unfinished.

What is clutter clearing? It is an effective way to get the energy in your home and your life moving. This is not about throwing away everything you own. It is about mindfully choosing what you own, being aware of the significance or energy it carries, and rather than feeling overwhelmed by it, being inspired or uplifted by it.

Why clutter clearing? 
We spend so much of our lives buying and acquiring material possessions. Clutter has a way of sneaking up on us. Even after an object has failed to serve a purpose or no longer brings us joy, we hold on, and soon, it merely occupies space in our home or office. It may even become a burden, without our even realizing it…

So, you’ve cleared your clutter and “tidied up.” Now what?! You’ve likely already taken a stab at Marie Kondo’s skillful technique. Congratulations! Now comes the task of clearing the old energy of all that stuff you just got rid of…

What is space clearing? It is the process of clearing out and recharging the energy in your home or office. Space clearing removes unwanted or stuck energy and creates flow in your home, office and life.  

What happens in a space clearing? There are three steps to our space clearing consultation: Step 1: Preparation: We collaborate with you to discover your goals for the ceremony (everything from creating a happier space to selling a house) Step 2: Clear the Space. We, Jodi and I, Clear the Space (*For some, it may sound like a slightly woo-woo process. Yes, there are flowers, bells and candles involved, but Jodi, and I take care of those things. This is all done in a spirit fun and joy while honoring the sanctity of the ceremony). Step 3: Installation of your positive intentions and energy into your space. 

What exactly is Feng Shui? Feng shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flow of energy in your home. Let’s face it, everything in life is energy, so Feng Shui can be a super helpful tool. We help you target those areas you want to enhance.

Yep, it’s a Space-Lift to help your place look more youthful and refreshed. This is a creative and spontaneous “play” session in which we bring in more fun and joy into your home and help you move things around, whether or not you decide to clear your clutter or space. We help you figure out how to make your space even more wonderful for YOU, an abode worthy of you.

We’re Marcia Lee Gillis, MA, LMFT and Jodi Fuchs, long-time collaborators and mischief-makers. We launched our unofficial biz in 2006 with BED which we tabled to go back to graduate school and to travel. We both began practicing the work of clutter clearing, space clearing and Feng Shui in 2003. In 2006, we took our training to Amed, Bali, to deepen our practice and formalize our biz idea. We have utilized the techniques we have been studying in our own lives and know that IT WORKS! ,

Why US? Well, mostly because we love what we do, have fun doing it and we want everyone to have big, happy lives.  We’ve been studying this stuff, meditating, doing yoga and taking joy very seriously since we met in an art class through UCLA in 1993, so we bring a certain type of lived experience, wisdom, friendship and fun with us.

If you are interested in working with us, here are the next steps:
1. Call or email us with your request and information
2. Send photos of your house, room by room (max of 4 photos per room, please!) or, send a video walk through of your home so we can get a sense of the scope.
3. Write a paragraph or two with details about your home: when did you purchase, who purchased it with you, who has lived there with you and their ages, any information about previous owners, any significant events (births, marriages, deaths) and your reason for space clearing (moving into a new place or trying to sell a home)…
4. From there, Jodi and I set a time to have a 30-minute conference call with you to establish your needs and make sure it’s a good fit for everyone.

CLEARING OPTIONS (2 practitioners included in the price for 1st-time clients)
30 Minute Phone Intake: Complimentary
Hourly rate:
VIP Monthly Subscription. Inquire directly about our monthly retainer
Materials not included.