If you are looking for relief from depression and anxiety, a more authentic relationship with yourself and others,  greater self-awareness, or you want to move more fully in the direction of your spiritual, vocational, athletic or artistic dreams, then please consider reaching out to me.

Addressing body, mind and spirit: 

Care of one’s body, mind and spirit, in equal measure, is essential for a sense of well-being and fulfillment. Therapy is a place to address our own notions of self-care, self-esteem, and soul-tending. Learning how to regulate affect, is a true gift of the body and mind. It can mean the difference between “going off-line” when we are sidewinded by anxiety, depression, anger or grief, and learning how to manage those states and stay present and grounded in any situation.

While the quality of our relationship to ourselves is of the utmost importance, the quality of our relationships to others is vitally important for mental health. Our connection with others contributes to our sense of self and of our place in the world, and gives our lives depth and meaning. In therapy, we learn to relate more authentically and directly through our exchanges. This is the gift then, that clients are able to bring back to their family, friends and business associates that bears real fruit.

When we can successfully identify what is alive in us, and effectively share it with others, life becomes even richer. Developing tools for  more vulnerable, compassionate communication is absolutely necessary for our own personal fulfillment.

Therapy provides a safe place to develop these skills.

If you are considering psychotherapy, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you just experienced a major life change?
  • Are you depressed or anxious?
  • Are you struggling with addiction and looking towards creating more adaptive, healthy choices?
  • Are you looking for more meaning in your relationships?
  • Are you looking for more meaning and joy in life?
  • Are you feeling blocked or just stuck in the mud?
  • Are you interested in expanding your creative, athletic or entrepreneurial vision?
  • Are you simply wanting to make a positive change that you’ve only dreamt of and are now ready to enlist someone to help you move forward in your own life?

If your answer to any of the above is “yes”, then perhaps this is the time to reach out.

Yes, psychotherapytherapy works:

I know from my own experience in working with clients and our interactive exchanges, that insight, meaning-making and joy are all possible. Your reaching out is the first step in that healing process.

I believe that we are wired for wellness and integration. Our innate resilience and ability to heal is greater than we can fathom; therapy is a place where this is possible.

Marcia Lee Gillis, MA, LMFT
(424) 393-2776
Marriage and Family Therapist License #90942