Each of us is unique, and deserves the kind of care and and tending that a personalized therapeutic approach provides. I don’t believe in cookie cutter theoretics, or a one-therapy-fits-all approach.

My treatment plan is catered specifically for you, based on your needs and goals.

In addition to my training in EMDR, spiritual and depth psychology I also utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), resource tapping, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), somatic experiencing,  meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques, which can go beyond traditional talk therapy.

Walk therapy sessions can be powerful in that they offer the added benefit of movement. I find that when individuals are depressed, inertia and lack of movement are core components of that experience. Walk therapy helps to restore us to a more embodied and engaged way of being. Walking is a kind of moving meditation with the benefits of bilateral movement.

Positive Change by way of Depth and Shadow Work is Soul Work

Discovering our own inner resources often occurs when we find ourselves confronted with our own shadow. The shadow may be material, thoughts and judgments that we either project onto others or reject entirely in our own self and lives.

Typically, we encounter our shadow when our lives are disrupted – it may accompany a life change that is beyond our control, it may feel like a “dark night of the soul”.

Working with shadow material helps us learn to hold those parts of ourselves that we might not want to acknowledge, but most often, leads to more meaning, and in turn leads to a stronger, more coherent sense of self.

Depth work can be revelatory and life changing. It can open the way for greater joy. Clients often comment that there is a kind of soul retrieval when they are able to compassionately host those places which were formerly held at a distance.

Let me assist you in discovering just what the process of self discovery, soul discovery and positive change means for you.

Marcia Lee Gillis, MA, LMFT
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Marriage and Family Therapist License #90942